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January 20, 2019

 First Signs

People enjoy recounting predictive stories from their childhood. A nurse shares a story of tending to a sick pet at a young age. An engineer tells about the time she got in trouble for disassembling her parents’ TV. An entrepreneur narrates the saga of his first lawn-mowing business. Do you have a story like this that you like to tell? Such stories get shared because in them we recognize the first traces of the people we have become. They are stories full of signs that point toward something coming.

Today’s gospel shares a story about the first “sign” of Jesus. When the wine runs out at a wedding he is attending in Cana, Jesus transforms water into wine to help keep the party going. Like the stories we tell about ourselves, this sign points toward who Jesus is going to become. His first miracle is marked by kindness, compassion, joy, pleasure, and abundance. Jesus brings life to a party that is dying. Like stories of our own development, this story feels light-hearted even as it points toward the more profound ways in which we know Jesus will fulfill his own calling to bring joy to those in sorrow, compassion to those in need, and, ultimately, life to those who have died.

Worship is also a place of signs. The rich texture of our words, music, and actions points us toward the truth of God revealed in Jesus Christ. This truth was made known in Jesus’ earthly life, but it continues to unfold in the present. Today as you worship, pay attention to moments in the service that speak with power to your life. These may be signs of what God is changing in you—healing wounds, developing gifts, or growing a special calling.

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