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September 15, 2019

 Get Lost

When we lose something important, we stop at nothing to find it. It pervades our thoughts. It demands our attention and alters our life schedule. The more time that goes by without it, the more we begin to fearfully consider what the future will look like without it—how our lives will be affected, and perhaps others’ lives too.

Jesus tells two parables today about things that are lost. The owners of both the lost sheep and the lost coin stop at nothing to find them. And in the end, the lost ones are found. Unlike our own searches for lost items, which sometimes end in disappointment, these parables from Jesus end in rejoicing. “Rejoice with me,” say the shepherd and the woman, for they have each found what they had lost (Luke 15:6, 9).

The lost sheep and the lost coin are both reflective of our own wandering ways. We so easily lose ourselves in the temptations of this world and the sinfulness of our human nature. We so quickly find hiding places from our shame, from our fears, from our God. We retreat to comfortable spaces where we hope God won’t find us, and we peer out from them in hopes that God will.

We get lost. And yet, God searches for us. God stops at nothing to find us. God rejoices over us. In baptism, God finds us—for good. Claimed as Christ’s own, we are never so lost that we can’t be found. In holy communion, God finds us—for good. Called out of our wayward wandering and forgiven for all we could ever do, we are never so lost that we can’t be found.

So go ahead, get lost. And be found by God again and again.

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