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January 21, 2018

Doing What You Do

Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen. We learn that James’s and John’s father was a fisherman who passed on his trade to his sons. They worked hard, developed their skills, and earned a living doing what they did. Presumably they did it well. It was good and valuable work. Simon, Andrew, James, and John were all being who they were and doing what they did when Jesus called them.

Look at how Jesus frames his call to these fishermen: “I will make you fish for people” (Mark 1:17). Jesus is telling them he can take who they are and what they do and use it for God’s kingdom. It might sound like the disciples dropped their nets and left their fishing vocation completely; but throughout the gospel story we hear about Jesus and the disciples getting into boats. Who else but fishermen would have boats? How else did they continue to support their ministry and feed their families? Fishermen fish, but now the disciples do it for a higher purpose.

Rather than imagine that we are called to some life completely different from the one we live now, imagine that we are called to do what we do already in ways that show and enact God’s kingdom. You’re a fisherman, so fish for people. You’re a singer, so sing for people. You’re a seamstress, so sew for people. You’re an engineer, so engineer for people. You’re an investor, so invest for people. It’s all about being who we are and doing what we do for a higher purpose.

The kingdom of God is about grace, love, justice, and mercy for all people. Through the grace of baptism, God has called us to follow Jesus in the way of the kingdom. How can you do what you do already, be who you are, in ways that help people know God and live life fully? Do what you do for God’s sake, for your neighbor, for people.

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