FL20-20JDarling - winnerWhat is Vision 20/20?

Vision 20/20 is now under CONSTRUCTION!!  Vision 20/20 is the theme for our church initiative focused on expanded mission and education opportunities through improved infrastructure/facilities here at Faith Lutheran Church. We named the program Vision 20/20 to emphasize our goal to complete this important effort by the year 2020 as well as to reflect that we go forward with a vision based upon clear eyes of the challenges and opportunities we face combined with hearts full of the Lord’s spirit.

We hoped this project would be complete by 2020.  We might have to rename our effort…Vision 2021. Our builder expected to start site preparation in August 2019 but many obstacles delayed the start of construction. We rejoiced in the arrival of heavy equipment in early January of 2020. Now we are “under construction”, with all the disruption that comes with it! God is at work here; please be patient as He helps us grow.

See the images below to catch the vision.

Check out the latest Construction pictures!


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